"Sarah was a pleasure to work with, her instructions were clear and concise, and the emphasis was very much on having fun. As musicians we hate sitting around waiting for the next dance to start, but she managed to keep the waiting time to a minimum while at the same time giving the dancers all the instructions they needed to make complete fools of themselves! Good job!"


- Lennie Harvey, Blossom Hill


"We really enjoyed your set at Oxfolk in November with Bedlam. There was some lovely feedback from the dancers about what an interesting selection of dances you called. Everything flowed really well. I hope you enjoyed it too, you certainly looked like you did! I'm really looking forward to hearing you call again."


- Jane Bird, Oxfolk Ceilidhs


"We asked Sarah to do a guest spot for us in Sandbach recently for their Dance Club gig & considering I put her on the spot she did a grand job, calling what can be a difficult dance (TAG) from memory & it was first time she's called that. Very confident on stage and patient with the dancers. Would like her to call for us again. Cheers"


- Neil Moore, Jigsmith


"Recently we had a gig in Chinley, Derbyshire, which was in danger of being jeopardised, as our Caller had to drop out for family reasons. The Old School Band, based in Preston has been in business for many years, but we are at the stage where Callers we have used are retiring, or cutting back on work, whilst we are as busy as ever !

"After a long search we found Sarah to deputise. We were immediately impressed how she turned up in good time, and her attitude was thoroughly professional, with no signs of any 'attitude'. There were no signs of nerves, and her Dance choices were well planned, and explained really well. It was nice to see some dances that were different to our usual Caller's fare.

"We did notice that she was enthusiastic about the Music as well, and we were happy to let her 'Jam along' on whistle for a few 'in between tunes'. It was really good to see someone young, enthusiastic, and keen to learn, hopefully carrying on the tradition for the next generation. We have booked her for a wedding in Wigan in August, and we will definitely ask her again when we are within striking distance of Stoke, and look forward to seeing her zoom up on her motorbike ."

- Phil Armitage, Old School Ceilidh Band


Sarah Clough