I have worked with a number of bands, firstly local to Staffordshire then more recently in Devon, but some a little further afield. Below is a brief bio of the ones I work with more regularly in Staffordshire. A lot of them can be booked as purely musical outfits rather than just as a ceilidh band. If you wish to book me for a ceilidh I can source a band that I feel is suited to your requirements.




Piping Hot Ceilidh Band


The band name is a bit of a giveaway - the pipes usually make an appearance! Loud and lively, they'll get you on your feet.



Amber Fire Ceilidh band


Amber Fire are high calibre musicians that often throw in some Eastern Europe music into the mix along with the more traditional tunes.



Home Brew


Home Brew are experienced musicians who have been on the scene for over 40 years.





Bowreed have a varying line-up to cover the whole South West, and you'll usually get a fresh sound, with a modern, top of the range PA.





Cuckoos Nest


Cuckoos Nest are a three-piece based in Leek, experienced in the ways of traditional English folk music. Achieving that ultimate mix of a relaxed approach with an efficient performance, they can usually be found adding a touch of colour to proceedings with their colourful shirts.



Folkus Pocus


Folkus Pocus are a skilled young duo with a broad range of musical talent, from specialist playford and contra sets to fun, perfectly-timed piano ad-libs keeping the audience entertained inbetween dances. They can also be booked for magical entertainment, which may help you work out the band name.





Maplewood are a professional, friendly outfit, where I always know I'll have the best sound and their tunes will be perfect for my dances. They are based in Cheshire and can often be found at the Poynton ceilidhs, whether in an organisation role, musical one or just as a participant.



Moody Food Ceili Band


The Moody Food Band are based in Staffordshire and highly sought after for a variety of gigs, bringing a personal touch as evidenced by the gallery on their website. They bring a very modern sound to classic folk numbers, and I can't help but dance along while the ceilidh-goers are dancing themselves.



Old School Band


The Old School Band are based in Lancashire so I only get to see them for their more southern gigs, but it's always a pleasure. They are a lovely, chilled out bunch of musicians, who have been doing this years and refined it to a fine art.





Peak Folk are a three piece with a mixture of tunes from traditional English to Zydeco to Americana to some more classic poppy numbers. They are renowned for their long endings, and for making sure their callers have everything they need.



Shropshire Heroes


The Shropshire Heroes are, needles to say, based in Shropshire! A band with much experience and a good sense of humour, and their members are involed in a number of areas of the folk world.





I haven't yet had the pleasure of doing a gig with Skimmity, but I know their members through folk sessions and other associations.

Fiddle maker Glen Titmus is one of Skimmity, and has his own website too:

� Sarah Clough